Tomorrow | Your Reward for Working Safely Today

Did you know?

As of March 30th, 34 Australian workers have been killed at work this year. It’s a sad statistic: That’s over 11 lives lost each month! And that’s a big reason why we want to take this vital moment to remind you of the value of safety and health in the workplace or job site.

World Day: Safety and Health at Work

Have you circled April 28th, 2023, on your calendar? Perhaps your workplace is proactive and has already made a point of providing some timely reminders. After all, Australian employees are every business’s most crucial asset!

APRIL 28th ~ World Day for Safety & Health at Work

Toolbox Talk | 3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Safety In the Workplace Immediately

Greater safety and health at work will primarily stem from practices you implement, often before you even start. It all comes down to having the right mindset. You can enhance your work-safe attitude in these three ways:

Patience In The Workplace

Firstly, recognise that there are no risky tasks worth accomplishing by cutting corners or trying to do things with excessive haste. Instead, take the time to do things correctly and thoroughly – every time.

To quote the well-known words of Safety Expert Eleanor Everet, “For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind,” reinforces the mindset that all workers should employ. Both for themselves and their colleagues’ benefit. And it’s an attitude that should filter down from all levels of management to the workforce.

Sentis has released an excellent blog article on why mindset matters – we encourage you to check it out! For the next attitude-enhancing tip, though, read on!

See Something, Say Something

All too often, improvements and upgrades to safety practices, equipment, and work environments are readily noted but often left for someone to mention. Instead, you should feel empowered to raise concerns over an aspect to work-safety that you notice. After all, you may prevent a catastrophic injury (or worse!) by speaking up and mentioning where an elevated risk is present.

For example, it could be as simple as reminding a workmate to wear a pair of safety glasses when work involves the risk of flying debris is concerned. When you conscientiously react and promote the right actions, you’ll benefit yourself and those who work with you when a safety matter comes to light in the workplace.

Review (and replace) Your Safety Eyewear

We service and maintain our cars regularly to keep us safe on the road; take the opportunity now to assess and replace our P.P.E. (personal protective equipment), keeping us safe in the workplace.

Take the opportunity to review the wear and tear on your current pair of safety glasses, checking for such things as:

  • Wear and tear on nose pads or nose-bridge fixtures. Is the rubber perishing, exposing any metal brackets?
  • Hinge integrity. Are the temples loose; do the temples swing if you shake the frame lightly?
  • Lens clarity/quality. Have your safety glasses already taken a hit? Are scratches or other signs of impact now apparent on the lens surface?

Did you answer yes to any of these three checkpoints? Then, it’s time to consider new safety glasses.

How The Optical Superstore Is the O.G. of P.P.E.

The Optical Superstore offers safety eyewear options in abundance! We are your one-stop shop for prescription safety glasses catering to various industries across Australia!

We provide safety eyewear packages, certified for medium-impact resistance and bundled with prescription lenses available in multifocal, bifocal, and single-vision lens designs. Considering that many workplaces and job sites require outdoor protection, solutions are readily available with photochromatic or polarised lens options, too.

For example, the latest frame range by Bolle and Matador offers the perfect safety eyewear solution featuring frame designs with a replaceable positive seal fitting and an interchangeable temple design, enabling the wearer to alternate between trims and straps, depending on the tasks required.

Check the Matador range here!

Your Safety is in YOUR Hands

Considering that you are working patiently and methodically, you’re aware of the safety of yourself and your workmates. Yet, you think there may be an opportunity to upgrade your safety eyewear – now is the time to act.

You can book an eye test with any branch of The Optical Superstore here, using our online booking program – your eye test is bulk-billed to Medicare, and we can even offer a quote to your employer for new safety glasses if you have a reimbursement option with your place of work.


Feel free to check out the full range of safety glasses online, and we’re sure we have the ideal frame design for your workplace and prescription needs! If you have any questions about the integrity of your current pair of safety glasses, we’d love to take a look and inspect them, tighten the hinges and screws, offering our specialised care to keep you and your eyes safe!