Multifocal glasses

Multifocal lenses are different from regular lenses as they allow you to see at multiple distances. Multifocals are great for accommodating various vision needs at once, including viewing objects far away, to those very close, and all the ranges in between.

They are very convenient and enable the wearer to keep a single pair of glasses on, instead of switching between long-distance and nearsighted glasses. The multiple lens powers help you see at all distances.

The upper section of progressive multifocal lenses is designed to view objects at a distance, whereas the lower section provides assistance for seeing clearly up close. The middle section helps you see objects at intermediate distances.

Multifocals work when you move your eyes up and down the lens. At different spots, your vision will be enhanced for whichever specific need you require. The lens zones can be altered for optimal positioning by your optometrist.

The need for a progressive lens escalates as aging continues. By midlife, around the age of 40, many people need aid in focusing their eyes.

Types of digital multifocals

Optical Superstore have specifically designed multifocal lenses to cater to every need. Trueform and Trueform plus are digitally-designed lenses that are suitable for all prescriptions and are a great choice for basic entry-level glasses.

Precision multifocals are designed for general use and everyday tasks. They have wide zones of distance for viewing far objects, landscapes and general views, as well as near vision for tasks like reading.

Digital Plus Panorama

Digital Plus Panorama multifocals are a great choice for those who are active and outdoorsy. They offer less distortion and, paired with a wide distance zone, are ideal for external adventures. Their generous intermediate and near zones are perfect for computer work or reading. Digital Plus Panorama multifocals boast clean, unobstructed vision and are ideal for driving, cycling and studying.

Digital Plus Defined

The seamless distribution of prescription over the lens results in an effortless adaptation for wearers that choose to go with this option. They are a great choice for everyday use, with their wide intermediate zone, along with a near zone for closer viewing.

Benefits of multifocals

Multifocals are aesthetically pleasing and can provide a youthful look with the right frames. The visible lines characteristic of bifocal lenses are often associated with aging. However, many multifocal designs do not include this feature. Many people opt to wear multifocals for the reason that they look like regular glasses.

Additionally, bifocals and trifocals are known for their irritating ‘image jump’. This happens when objects change in position and clarity when you look through the lens line. This can be extremely annoying and multifocals are often chosen for the fact they don’t have this feature.

It is important to note that a qualified optical dispenser is imperative to help you choose the right lens. If you are looking for multifocals – or want to discuss if they’re the right option for you – Optical Superstore can help.