Introduce Your Eyes to Autumn with The Optical Superstore

Australia, February 27th, 2023 – As the leaves start to change colour and texture and the temperatures drop, it’s time to embrace the season of Autumn.
For many, autumn is THE favourite season! Often, that morning run is a little less humid, the water temperature at our glorious Australian beaches still holds the best of summer’s warmth, and the coffee tastes fresher!
It’s true–humidity levels impact the coffee grind and extraction!
Getting back on track though, let’s discuss…

THREE REASONS why your vision needs are essential in Autumn.

  • Autumn Fashion Themes
  • Eye-health during Autumn
  • Ideal Lens Choices for Autumn

Autumn Fashion Themes

The climate during autumn gets us excited. So out come the lap blankets for those crisp evenings, and many of us reach for our favourite hoodies, jackets, and boots as the temperatures start to drop, too.
We invite you to consider autumn an excellent opportunity to update your eyewear look.
What colours are on-trend during autumn? All those rich, neutral tones come out to play. We often see deep tans, oranges, reds, and rich browns in the landscape around us. These colours reflect those wonderful Autumn-feels, so we are happy to show off our Autumn Drop—seasonally-inspired eyewear for all your Autumnal vision needs.
Our Everyday deals include brands that inspire, channelling the autumn vibe: casual, comfortable and relaxed.
We are excited to offer many styles across our No & Low Gap range that channel the change of seasons. Check out a few Autumn-inspired frame styles for each member of the family here:
The Optical Superstore’s complete glasses range is not to be missed, with a wide selection of designer frames and optical brands offering autumn-themed inspo!
Of course, we have many more online and in-store brands for you to try on and fall for (leaves-off-trees-style)!

Eye-health In Autumn

Have you or your family booked that yearly eye test yet? Consider this time of year an ideal moment to make that appointment.
Most families have gotten past the New Year rush now. School and work have returned, and the family routine has started to find its groove. Now that 2023 is well underway, appointment times are available.
We encourage you hardworking mums and dads to look at the schedule and to start thinking: “Eye test near me.” Now is the time to plan for these crucial appointments before the EOFY (End Of Financial Year) takes our time and attention, or we start looking towards the back end of the calendar, yet again.
A change in season may bring in eye-health concerns, and appointments are easy to make with a local branch of The Optical Superstore.
You can book appointments for routine eye-health checks, vision screening for school children, and contact lens consultations RIGHT HERE.
Appointments are bulk-billed to Medicare, ensuring highly affordable eye care is available for all Australians. In addition, the Optical Superstore offers consultations onsite with qualified, independently practising eye care professionals. Optometrists at each store location are ready to introduce your eyes to autumn.

Ideal Lens Choices For Autumn

Let’s discuss your visual needs as we fall into autumn!
During autumn, you may still enjoy that Aussie outdoor life, and when it comes to lens options, there are tremendous Autumn-specific lens treatments and options to discuss.
Consider Sunglasses: Lens colours [whether for UV-Tinted or Polarised options] play a significant role in getting the most out of your outdoor autumn lifestyle.
Brown lens colours offer terrific contrast in those overcast or low-light environments. Enjoy clarity and precision with activities like running, driving, fishing, and field sports throughout autumn in brown lens colours.
Green lens colours offer comfort with a darker tone and neutral vision contrast on bright autumn days.
Rather than the hard slog of working outdoors in the summer sun, autumn can be a joy working outdoors, and green lens colours will give you that glare-reduction without losing visibility.


These brown and green colour options are even available with your QuickTint and QuickTint Extra, photochromatic lens choices. All the convenience of colour-change lens choices going from light to dark, performing at their best for autumn environments!

Get in Touch with Your Autumn Sunglass Specialist at The Optical Superstore

With 30+ years of experience in the Australian eyewear market, The Optical Superstore has all your eyewear desires covered, sourcing the best in glasses frames and lens options for Australian conditions and climate. The company’s extensive range includes many brands of prescription and non-prescription glasses, sunglasses, and industry-leading brands of contact lenses, solutions, and optical accessories.
Therefore, whether you’re looking for a classic and timeless frame or something a little more fashion-forward, we have something for everyone’s Autumn inspiration at the Optical Superstore, ensuring that you find the perfect pair of glasses to complement your style and budget.
As the seasons change, there’s never been a better time to update your prescription eyewear. First, visit the Optical Superstore’s website today to browse their latest range of frames and take advantage of their unbeatable prices and expert service. Then, contact your local branch to learn more about your lens treatment options and sunglass colour suggestions for Autumn.
For more information about The Optical Superstore and our range of premium eyewear, click through to our HOMEPAGE NOW.
Or call our toll-free NATIONAL NUMBER to connect to your area’s closest store for an ‘Optometrist Near Me’!

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Your eyes will thank you this autumn at The Optical Superstore.