Don't Leave Healthy Vision To The Luck Of The Irish This St. Patrick's Day

Australia, March 17th, 2023 – As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, the Optical Superstore encourages all Australians to consider the importance of caring for their eye health.

Are You Leaving Your Vision Care To Chance?

This year, while celebrating the Emerald Isle and all things green, it’s important to remember that good vision is essential for enjoying life’s many blessings. So the Optical Superstore urges all Australians to book an eye test and take control of their eye health today rather than leaving it to luck.

Good vision is essential for enjoying life’s big and small experiences. That’s why we’re encouraging all Australians to prioritize their eye health this St. Patrick’s Day and book an eye test with an optometrist.

Think: Optometrist Near Me

Regular eye tests are essential for maintaining good eye health, detecting potential issues early on, and promptly taking corrective measures. The Optical Superstore has a team of experienced and qualified optometrists working on-site across 60+ locations. These trained professionals provide comprehensive eye tests for the whole family. With eye test services bulk-billed to Medicare, The Optical Superstore leaves nothing to chance with your vision.

Low Level On Costs | High Grade Of Support

As a 100% Australian-owned optical provider, we understand the importance of keeping our eyes healthy. And we know what hardworking Australian households need from their sense of sight.

We want to remind Australians that their eye health should never be left to chance. Rather, we encourage everyone to take proactive steps towards ensuring the best possible vision.

THREE Emerald Isle-inspired Frame Options

In addition to providing comprehensive eye tests, the Optical Superstore also offers a wide range of fashionable glasses frames and lenses from some of the world’s leading brands. From classic and timeless designs to the latest fashion trends, there is something to suit every taste and style.

And if you genuinely want to level up your Frame Game, consider THREE Emerald Isle-inspired frame designs:


How about a decadent tortoiseshell frame front with a splash of whimsy on the temples for some Irish-inspired flair?


For something sporty, fresh, and incredibly light for all-day wear, the O’Neill Gala in colour 107 has bags of personality in bright green tones.


The Stellar comes in an array of colours – none other more timely than the colour C5. A deep green tone, accented by tort embellishments. This frame’s bold round shape will indeed have you saying, “to be sure, to be sure!”

An even greater array of frame styles and shapes channel this holiday observance with splendid green tones – restrained and subtle or dominant and proud – available to view through our website and in each store location.

Book Your Eye Test Now | Don’t Leave A Vacant Appointment To Chance

So, whether you are celebrating the occasion with a green beer, or a green milkshake, this St. Patrick’s Day, we want to remind all Australians that good vision is something to celebrate!

By booking an eye test with an optometrist near you, you can take the first step towards ensuring the best possible eye health for yourself and your loved ones.

Don’t leave your eye health to chance – make an appointment today and invest in your future.”

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