Why you might say 'MiYOSMART' when considering your child's vision needs

At The Optical Superstore, we're passionate about one of your child's most valuable assets in their school life and life; their eye sight. How important is the sense of sight? Children learn more from this sense MORE than the other senses COMBINED.

You've ticked backpacks, shoes, lunch boxes, uniforms and textbooks off the 'to-get' list. But have you had your child’s eye sight checked?

If your child is already wearing prescription eyewear, another item may yet need serious attention: new prescription glasses. That's where your professional eye-care giver and The Optical Superstore can help.

The conversation around the range of suitable children's prescription glasses has never been more exciting. Why? Because there is a new effective optical appliance for treating short-sightedness, or myopia in children.

Optical Superstore Presents

An Introduction to Myopia (Short-sightedness) Management

We want to provide you with this easy-to-navigate resource, answering a few of the common questions parents raise on behalf of their children concerning the options to manage myopia. We'll also consider a couple of the not so common points to give you a more complete overview of this new lens option.

Firstly, let's establish what myopia is (and isn't). Then, we'll review how you can incorporate prescription glasses and other strategies into life activities to manage myopia. Lastly, we'll expand on the features and benefits of the most effective ways to reduce the progression of myopia in your child's vision: Hoya MiYOSMART lenses.

1. What is myopia?

The term myopia means; near-sightedness. Vision is clear close-up. As images, objects, and text are positioned further away or distant the eyes, vision becomes increasingly blurry.

Whilst hereditary, behavioral and environmental factors play a part in the progression of myopia and as we continue to thrive and live in a digital age - a lifestyle heavy on digital devices, studying, online schooling and gaming with less time spent outdoors, eye-care professionals expect more children to complain of near-sighted vision issues.

Myopia is not a disease; it is a refractive defect of the eye that becomes apparent due to changes in the eyeball shape. Myopia impedes the eye(s) from bending light correctly for clear vision in the distance. Myopia is exacerbated by prolonged concentrated tasks in near positions.

2. Taking care of my child's eyesight: What should I do?

Holistically, healthy eyes and vision require a mix of elements. Here are a few simple reminders to consider.

  • Time at play: Specifically outdoors (try aiming for 2 hours a day on average)

  • Breaks from intensive screen time: One easy way is to introduce the 20-20-20 rule. 'Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break to look at something 20 meters away (or further, if there is a window to glance out of).

  • Inspect the home office/school desk setup: Take note of the lighting, chair, screen positions. The fancy word for this is ergonomics - Is your child's study area/computer desk set up for success?

  • Regular visits to your eye care professional: The Optical Superstore retail outlets have optometrists working independently, on-site. Regular check-ups ensure those vision problems, such as myopia, are detected and treated early. Independent professionals are in the best position to assess your child's vision needs and prescribe the most effective ways to reduce the progression of myopia. This may include trying the exciting new technology of the MiYOSMART Lenses.

3. Introducing the MiYOSMART Lenses

Refractive eye tests and prescription eyewear has been the foundation for correcting vision needs for decades. However, it could be said that MiYOSMART lenses have reinvented the wheel ‘in this regard!’

MiYOSMART Features and Benefits

An award-winning and clinically proven solution

The MiYOSMART lenses with D.I.M.S. technology received multiple awards at the 46th (2018) International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Switzerland.

This prestigiously awarded optical appliance has been found to slow the progression of myopia in children by 60%*.

Ease of use

Unlike some other methods for controlling short-sightedness (prescription drugs, orthokeratology, use of contact lenses), the MiYOSMART prescription lens design is less invasive, being fitted to a normal pair of glasses frames. This unique lens technology does its job simply by being worn correctly and regularly. That’s Super! It’s as simple as wearing glasses with MiYOSMART lenses used.

Prescription eyewear is now commonplace. For many, it's practically a fashion statement! As a result, your child will not feel like they stand out from the crowd. As a parent, you may feel out of your league regarding myopia management, considering the time constraints and experience needed with other, often invasive methods. MiYOSMART prescription lenses make it so much easier for you: the parent.

The MiYOSMART lens design, coupled with The Optical Superstore team, is a winning combination for you and your family. Please, get in touch today and book an eye test.

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References: *Lam CSY, Tang WC, Tse DY, Lee RPK, Chun RKM, Hasegawa K, Qi H, Hatanaka T, To CH. Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (DIMS) spectacle lenses slow myopia progression: a 2-year randomised clinical trial. British Journal of Ophthalmology. Published Online First: 29 May 2019. doi: 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2018-313739