Are you searching for some blue light filter
glasses or blue lightt blockers?

The Optical Superstore has these lenses available for you. But first, before you jump into this too quickly after seeing all the advertisements on social media about the health claims and benefits of using these lens types it is important to do your research! To explore this in further detail you may ask;

What is blue light and where does it come from?

Blue light is a colour on the visible light spectrum which produces a high amount of energy in short wave lengths. A natural source of this type of light comes from sun light, which may help increase your attention, energy levels and overall mood. Natural blue light suppresses the release of melatonin in your brain and regulates the body’s sleep and wake cycle, circadian rhythm. In the digital age we live in we have artificially created this type of light within our digital devices and LED lights, however, the amount emitted from digital devices is far less than the sun.

Are you concerned about blue light exposure
damaging your eyes?

You should not be scared, the amount of blue light exposure needed to damage your eyes far outweighs the levels that come from your digital devices. However, if you spend long periods of time in the sun it is wise to wear sunglasses with UV protection which meet the Australian standards for sunglasses to help protect your eyes. Excessive sunlight may increase the risk of cataracts and damage to the retina.

Will wearing Blue light filter
glasses help me sleep?

There is no strong evidence to prove wearing blue light filter glasses or blue blocker glasses will have any noticeable health benefits such as increased quality of sleep.

Will wearing Blue light filter
glasses help reduce or
eliminate dry eyes?

If you are experiencing dry eyes it is recommended you consult your optometrist at The Optical Superstore who can provide appropriate treatment.

Will wearing Blue light filter glasses help reduce eye strain,
headaches or mental fatigue?

Unfortunately, there is no strong evidence that blue light filter glasses will reduce eye strain, head aches or mental fatigue, however, allowing your eyes to relax by looking away from your digital device or book for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes will help. Regular breaks from viewing computer screens are also recommended not only for your eyes, but for your back and shoulder muscles as well! Concentrating on blinking is also important so the eyes stay lubricated. Most digital devices have a nighttime mode option available which changes the colour of the screen to a soft orange/yellow. You can also reduce the brightness of your digital devices which may reduce strain.


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