Sunnies for Spring: Are Polarised Lenses the Better Option for Your Eyes?

A Season for Picnics and Road Trips  

How good is the warm spring weather? A perfect compromise between frosty winter and scorching summer. Now you might be looking to parks and beaches, considering soaking up the season while you’ve got the chance.

However, as we unzip our puffer jackets and linger in the sun, it’s important to remember the very real and present dangers of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This is energy from the sun, undetectable to our senses, which can cause skin and eye damage as well as skin cancer. Awareness of this is particularly essential in Australia, where our UV levels are often higher than elsewhere in the world.

A UV index of 3 or more for the day means sun protection is advised. Australia in spring can range all the way from an average of 5 in September to 10 in November, demonstrating just how necessary sun protection is, even before summer sets in. Don’t underestimate the pleasant early days of the season, and always ensure you’re keeping UV protection in mind.

Staying Smart in Spring

So, what’s the best way to stay sun smart in spring? You might’ve heard it your entire life, but the old adage remains true: slip, slop, slap, seek, slide.

Slip on protective clothing, such as a long-sleeve shirt, to cover exposed skin.

Slop on some sunscreen. Remember, it should be SPF 30+ for best protection, and reapplication is vital. Good practice is to incorporate sunscreen into your morning routine, even if it’s cloudy!

Slap on a hat. Wide-brimmed is optimal, so that it can shade the most skin possible: scalp, forehead, nose, ears, and neck.

Seek shade during the parts of the day with highest UV levels. Keep in mind that UV radiation can also be reflected toward you off various surfaces.

Now, here’s the one The Optical Superstore can help with:

Slide on a pair of sunglasses. Excessive exposure to UV rays can contribute to serious eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Make sure the sunnies you wear are built to protect you from UV, and it’s worth considering, as well, whether opting for polarised lenses might be best for you.

Keep reading to find out more or check with the Bureau of Meteorology for updated UV levels and general sun safety information.

Are Polarised Sunglasses Better for Spring?

Polarised lenses are special for the vertically applied filter which specially blocks horizontally polarised light waves. These waves are the result of light reflecting off surfaces such as water or concrete, materialising as an intense glare. Glare can be so blinding in some cases that it’s a known cause of frequent traffic incidents.

Have you ever noticed your eyes feel tired after time spent squinting in the sun? Another consequence of glare is the increased workload for your eyes as they attempt to interpret information through the harsh light. A common byproduct of this is eye strain and fatigue.

With polarised sunglasses, you can spend more time in that spring sunshine with the knowledge your eyes are safer and less susceptible to strain.

What’s Right for You?

Your individual lifestyle will present many factors that determine which sunglasses suit you best. Polarised sunglasses are popular among regulars of the beach, golf course, and ski fields among other places due to the improved precision and clarity of the lenses. They are particularly useful for those who enjoy water sports such as fishing and boating for the reduced glare and increased contrast benefits of the lenses.

1.      Tints

Different tint options for polarised lenses are available, each with their own particular advantages. Grey lenses are great for general use in bright conditions, while brown aresimilar but offer superior contrast and depth perception. Meanwhile, yellow and pink lenses are ideal for low-light situations, such as fog and snow.

The advantages and disadvantages of each lens tint don’t stop there, so it’s best to ask a friendly optical dispenser at The Optical Superstore which tint best suits your unique needs.

2.      Fit

It’s also important your frames fit well on your face for optimal sun protection. Maybe wrap is right for you? Wrap-around sunglasses are the perfect companion for runners, cyclists, and general outdoor adventurers. Their curved shape makes for a comfortable fit, sure to stay snug during high-octane exercise. These frames are also excellent for sun protection, hugging the face to limit UV light slipping in peripherally.

3.      Non-polarised

Despite the many benefits of polarised lenses, there are also positives for regular non-polarised lenses. Activities involving LCD screens may be compromised when using polarised sunglasses, since the screens often utilise a polarising filter of their own. As a result, they might seem mostly or entirely dark through the lenses. Examples of these LCD screens can include smartphones and car dashboards, potentially impacting your technological and driving experiences.

4.      Prescription sunglasses

Remember, poor vision isn’t a reason to sacrifice sun safety! Prescription glasses wearers don’t need to be left suffering in intense glare orattempting to fit a pair of sunnies over their everyday prescription glasses. Prescription polarised sunglasses are your ticket to clear vision and UV protection, available at your nearest Optical Superstore.

If in doubt, come speak to us in-store at The Optical Superstore. Whether prescription or non-prescription; polarised or non-polarised, we’re here to get you sorted this spring.

How about these few styles below to get you started…?

AS19L4P from Amy Sherbrooke steps into the springs of your youthful years. Lively and unique, its tort temples are saturated in colour, available in pink, green, peach, and black. Joyful round rims feature a translucent finish, bringing levity to a traditionally functionality-oriented piece of eyewear.

The 20AZL2PS from Ashely & Zac is warm and practical in pink, brown, grey, or black. Your choice of colour interweaves with the classic tortoiseshell temples as they stretch away from the rim. Sitting at the intersection of rounded and rectangular, this is an adaptable frame, right at home on almost any face in nearly any circumstance.

Radley London stuns once again, this time with the Tassia frame. Beginning at the sleek, oval rim, dainty metal wraps its way around the edges to run gracefully down the temples. Available in muted pink, rich tortoiseshell or dauntless black, this is a refined frame built for self-confidence.

The Fila 9045 in black is a bold frame, emanating determination and durability. The combination of expansive rectangular rims and wrap-around style means this frame doesn’t take sun safety lightly, providing excellent peripheral protection. Meanwhile, touches of orange on the nose pads and temples lessen the frame’s severity, allowing a hint of playfulness to peek through.

Sure to become a trusty favourite, Dirty Dog’s Steed frame in gunmetal is here to keep you from becoming stranded in the sun. A metal frame with full rim and double bridge, this aviator-style frame leans into classic aesthetics while offering practical coverage from UV rays.

The season is already in full swing, so what are you waiting for? Visit us at The Optical Superstore to find out more about our selection of polarised sunglasses, or