SOS For Mum This Mother's Day | Save Our Shades

How are you celebrating your mum this Mother’s Day?

For many Aussie families, Mother’s Day is a day to treat hardworking and self-sacrificing mums to something a little special; for breakfast in bed, a phone-call first thing in the morning, a bunch of flowers (traditionally carnations or chrysanthemums due to the Aussie climate), a family picnic, or a meal at her favourite restaurant.

Whatever you’ve got planned, we hope it all comes together nicely for your family; after all, time together is priceless. However, if you’ve got something planned outdoors, have you wondered if your mum’ sunnies are up to scratch?

Helping Your Mum Get The Most Out Of Her Special Day

We’d love to help! FYI, Mother’s Day is held on the second Sunday in May: this year, that will be May 14th (2023). So, how can we assist? Bring your mum’s sunglasses for a complimentary clean and adjustment.

We want your mum to relax and enjoy the plans you’ve lined up for her special day. And whilst we can’t do a whole lot about the weather, we can ensure that she can enjoy the day outside in comfortably fitted sunglasses or prescription eyewear.

Does Your Mum’s Glasses Need A 10,000 Kilometre Service?

Often, commemorating the occasion isn’t about huge gestures of grand opulence (although a bit of opulence and luxury never goes astray); however, a personable and unique touch to your mum’s needs will always be well-appreciated.

So ask your mum if you can ‘borrow’ her sunglasses! Or better yet, invite her to one of our retail|optical stores with you (a great opportunity to shout her a coffee and some morning tea – you can really get the celebrations happening a day or two beforehand!), ensuring she brings along all her prescription glasses and sunglasses.

We’ll ensure nose pads are replaced, hinge screws are tightened, temples are adjusted for a comfortable fit behind the ears, and the lenses and glasses frames are sparkling and shiny. And, of course, this is complimentary – think of it as a 10K service on her essential eyewear!

The hardworking mums at The Optical Superstore can attest to the power of noticing all the little things you need to succeed (that’s why your sandwiches are cut into triangles and not squares). The little things go a long way to show personal care and attention!

Save Our Shades – The SOS Shoutout!

What, though, if you’ve realised that your mum’s trusty ol’ pair of sunnies just don’t cut the mustard (let alone cut the glare effectively) anymore?

Don’t underestimate the power of a gift that solves a crucial need. The gift of comfortable vision will keep on giving!

And Optical Superstore has a wide variety of women’s eyewear and sunglasses for all mums! So whilst you are in the store, getting her current glasses adjusted, feel free to check out the exciting range of sunnies on sale right now.

If you already have a fair idea of the styles and colours that look good on your mum, feel free to check out our sunglass range online here: SUNGLASSES FOR YOUR MUM.

After it’s all said and done, Mother’s Day will come and go quickly. Hopefully, your mum will be able to get into another busy week, having enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing day with some lovely memories with the people she loves most. Therefore, consider the benefits of doing something tailored to her vision and comfort needs at this time, with a little help from us and quality eyewear care from our family to yours.

Come on in – your mum’s eyes will thank you for it!