Raise A Cuppa | Australia's Biggest Morning Tea and Eye Test Awareness With Cancer Council

For 30 years, the annual Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea campaign has helped raise much-needed funds to positively impact the lives of Australian households affected by cancer.

What Does Cancer Council Accomplish?

How can you get involved?

What Does Cancer Council Accomplish?

The Cancer Council does an incredible job of raising awareness about cancer and supporting those affected by the disease. They accomplish this in three key ways: through research efforts, support programs, and prevention initiatives.

Firstly, the Cancer Council is dedicated to funding research into cancer. This research aims to find new treatments and cures for the disease and better ways of diagnosing it. Working to raise awareness of the latest research findings, the Cancer Council finances essential research so that healthcare professionals and Australian families are better informed about the disease and treatment progress.

Secondly, the Cancer Council provides a range of support programs for those affected by cancer. This includes support groups, counselling services, and practical assistance like transportation to medical appointments. These programs are crafted to help families face a cancer diagnosis’s practical and emotional demands. Connected to this challenge is providing specific information and targeted resources needed to make informed treatment decisions.

Finally, the Cancer Council is committed to prevention. This includes reducing people’s exposure to cancer-causing substances like tobacco and promoting healthy lifestyle choices like exercise and a healthy diet. The organisation also provides information and resources to help people reduce their risk of cancer, such as information on early detection and screening programs.

Overall, the Cancer Council is doing an incredible job of raising awareness about cancer and supporting those affected by the disease. Through their research, support, and prevention efforts, they strive to effect fundamental differences in the lives of cancer patients and their families.

Here’s Where You Can Get Involved—Hosting A Morning Tea

Hosting an ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea’ event is a great way to support the Cancer Council’s research, prevention, and support programs.

Registering your event is where it all begins here, on the Cancer Council’s website.

The official date is THURSDAY, 25th May 2023.But you can select a time and date anytime in May or June that suits your arrangements.


Once you have officially registered, each host receives a ‘host kit.’ This kit includes everything for planning and promoting your event, such as posters, invitations, donation boxes, and fundraising tips.

Where can you host your event? Anywhere you wish! At home, work, school, or in a community space, invite your friends, family, colleagues, or neighbours to share a cuppa and donate to the cause.

You can also add some fun activities, such as a raffle, a bake sale, a trivia game, or a silent auction, to raise more funds and engage your guests. Remember to follow the Cancer Council’s guidelines for COVID-safe events, such as keeping a record of attendees, providing hand sanitiser and masks, and practising social distancing. By hosting Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea event, you can make a meaningful difference in tackling cancer in Australian families and show your support for those impacted by the disease.

Did You Know? Cancer Awareness Can Start With Sunglasses and Eye Tests.

Often we think about skincare, sunscreen, and sun damage when discussing various cancer, such as skin cancer. However, regular eye tests help detect potential vision or eye problems early on connected to how the sun impacts our eyes, particularly as so many of us enjoy the outdoor, Australian way of life.

Don’t forget the simplicity of wearing a reliable pair of sunglasses with quality lenses. Whether non-prescription or prescription sunglasses, these everyday items play are precious role in preventing eye damage, including cataracts and macular degeneration. Just think of it as sunglasses are like sunscreen for your eyes.

Protecting your sight also includes:

• Wearing a well-fitting hat with a generous brim to shield your eyes.

• Try avoiding excessive sun exposure during peak hours (usually between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.).

• Using a prescribed eye drop for lubricating the eyes (artificial tears) to keep your eyes moist and comfortable.

By taking these steps, you can assist healthy and strong eyes for years to come.

As we can see, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is a great event to participate in. Working together in such a fun and engaging way helps us appreciate the value of healthy living, the work behind the scenes backed by the Cancer Council, and the role we can play in part of it all.

Definitely consider being a part of this fun event this year — someone’s eyes will thank you for it!

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