MULTIFOCAL LENSES | Tailored Prescription Glasses for Every Lifestyle

You are seeking clarity around multifocals—prescription eyewear that you wear every day. Would they suit you and your lifestyle and vision needs? Read on to find out.

Lenses for all-day use… by any other name

They are called many things: Graduated lenses, multifocals, progressives, and varifocals— a prescription lens type designed to give the wearer clear vision through out all activities on a given day. For simplicity, we will use the term ‘multifocal.’

Clarify The Difference

The first thing we want to appreciate is that multifocals are not bifocals. So often, well-meaning customers enquire about bifocals when what they actually want to know about are multifocals!

A Bifocal’s most recognisable feature is the distinct line on the lens design defining two separate prescription powers. These zones are often divided into a distance component at the top, and the smaller segment at the bottom occupies the reading portion of the lenses.

On the other hand, a multifocal lens has a smooth surface with a changing curvature from top to bottom! A precisely calculated layout enables a multifocal lens design to shift from the distance prescription at the top to the reading prescription at the bottom–a shift so precise, in fact–that a ‘corridor of clarity’ is evident through the lens for all vision positions in-between.

Quite simply, multifocals are lenses that cater for multiple positions of focus (hence the name) and have a power change so gradual that we often like to call them graduated Lenses—neat, hey?

Would they suit you and your lifestyle or vision needs?

The value and purpose of multifocal lens designs can be summed up with one word: convenience. Multifocal lenses enable you, the wearer, to keep a single pair of glasses on for all your visual needs through out the day instead of switching between long-distance and near sighted glasses—not to mention that third pair for the computer, laptop or sheet music!?


* The power at the top of the lenses corrects distance vision needs.

* At the bottom, they provide the magnification required for close work.

* A smooth corridor of power changes from one point to another without missing anything in-between.

Using one pair of glasses enables you to tell the time on your watch, check the GPS on the car’s dashboard, and then look as far as the horizon. That’s what multifocals do. 

“How awesome do they look? They are just sitting quietly, correcting vision at every focus point between here and there.”

DID YOU KNOW—Multifocal glasses can be tailored to your SPECIFIC lifestyle and needs?

Does this sound like you?
Your daily tasks have you out on the road every day. Your work takes you out of doors, and you’re active from the moment you leave the house. You need distance vision glasses that provide broad peripheral vision zones, yet you need to see the dashboard, the GPS, and your watch. Not to mention the other incidental reading tasks you must accomplish throughout the day.

Or perhaps this best describes your needs?
There’s the short daily commute (maybe; from the kitchen to the study?), but the 8-10 hours of screen time takes it out of you. But that’s not all— after all the Zoom meetings—you love to wind down with a good book. Yes, you spend the bulk of your daily grind on concentrated tasks. Still, you can’t stand repeatedly taking spectacles on and off throughout the day.

We Will Curate Multifocals Ideal for You.

Yes—multifocal lenses, graduated glasses—whatever name feels suitable can be designed for your unique lifestyle and vision needs. That’s what makes them so Lifechangingly Super!

Don’t let standard glasses govern how much satisfaction you get from living life. Instead, click on the links below and explore the range of HT Lenses the Optical Superstore proudly stands by. And let us show you how we tailor a lens design to YOUR needs, using the latest in Freeform Digital Technologies.

Our lens design portfolio consists of several lens templates that can be tailored to your lifestyle needs and visual requirements. We list them briefly here, below.

* HT Panorama – The “Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop” Active Wearer
* HT Defined – The “Multitasking Read-aholic” Wearer
* HT Indoor Plus – The Screen Time Master
* HT Ease – The Eye Strain Anti-Fatigue Care Package

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