Macular Degeneration | 3 Things To Know When Thinking "Eye Test Near Me"

When your optometrist discusses your vision needs, eye health or macula health specifically, early detection is one of the consistent discussion areas. Here’s how The Optical Superstore endeavours to make eye test services as straightforward as possible.

Let’s talk through three things that will prompt you to make that appointment with an optometrist when thinking, ‘eye test near me.’

  • Macula Month | May
  • Bulk-Billed Eye Tests
  • The #1 Thing You Can Do At Home To Monitor Your Vision

Macula Month | May

Each year, May is Macula Month in Australia. An annual awareness campaign with vision health, macula diseases, and eyecare being in clear focus. The Macula Disease Foundation Australia (MDFA) take charge of raising awareness, supported by many optometry and eyecare professionals throughout Australia, including your vision family here, at The Optical Superstore.

We’ve previously discussed what the macula is and what macular degeneration is here:

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However, Macula Month isn’t just about MD or AMD (age-related macular degeneration. Diabetic eye disease is also of prime concern to optometrists, ophthalmologists, and eyecare professionals alike. And diabetes is having a significant impact on the vision health of Australians too.

Did You Know? A recent report (2013) highlighted that diabetes impacts the lives of approximately 1 MILLION Australian adults*. And the report anticipated that that number could double by the year 2025. The article concluded with a sobering reminder that uncontrolled diabetes carries the risk of leading to diabetic eye disease–one of the chief causes of vision loss and blindness–irreversible.

Lifestyle, genetics, and age are all connected to the risk increases for eye disease amongst many Australians. Therefore, we encourage you to act on the prompt of Macular Month this May.

Here’s how we make taking action more accessible (and affordable!).

Bulk-Billed Eye Tests

For Australians, a bulk-billed eye test is crucial to maintaining good eye health. By visiting an optometrist who bulk-bills their consultation fees, individuals can have their eyes checked without paying out of pocket.

Bulk billing services are significantly helpful for those who may be experiencing vision issues but are hesitant to seek out help due to financial concerns—we bulk bill at every Optical Superstore location.

Hopefully, this assurance will prompt you and your family to consider acting on getting that eye test. Searching for ‘The Optical Superstore Eye Test Near Me’ will ensure that you find the nearest optical|retail location with bulk-billed eye test services.

An eye test can help detect potential problems early on, ensuring prompt treatment and management. It is recommended that individuals have their eyes tested every two years or more frequently if advised by their optometrist. Therefore, seeking a bulk-billed eye test is a simple yet essential step towards maintaining good eye health.

Remember: it’s all about early warning signs, prevention, and mitigating risks. So let’s round out our discussion and talk about recognising those early warning signs with…

The #1 Thing You Can Do At Home To Monitor Your Vision For Macula Health

Have you heard of an Amsler Grid? Have you received one from your GP or optometrist in the past? This simple little tool can be sight-saving!

An Amsler Grid is a simple tool that can help people monitor their vision at home. It’s essentially a chart with a grid of squares and a centrally positioned small dot. By looking at this grid with one eye at a time, people can detect any changes in their vision that may indicate eye problems. Consider an Amsler Grid as an early-warning system for your vision.

An Amsler Grid can be especially helpful for those with a family history of eye diseases, as well as for aging people who may be at higher risk for conditions like macular degeneration. It is even valuable as an assessment tool for older ones already diagnosed with AMD (age-related macular degeneration), providing a simple exercise every day to assess for further deterioration in visual clarity.

By regularly checking your vision with an Amsler Grid, you may catch potential problems early and be proactive about seeking treatment as needed. This little tool can be a real sight-saver for those in higher-risk categories and is the #1 thing you can do at home.

How do you get one?

That’s the easy part. Your optometrist will happily provide one for you as needed during your bulk-billed eye test at The Optical Superstore.

Remember our earlier comment: it’s all about early warning signs, prevention, and mitigating risks. And that’s the assurance we want to offer at The Optical Superstore.

Book your bulk-billed eye test today. It’s as simple as making a call on our national number. You will be automatically put through to your closest store.




If you’d like to make a booking immediately with the pleasure of selecting a location, time, and date for your convenience, click here for our online booking program.

Don’t delay with Macular Month | May. By recognising the risks of eye disease and having the confidence to act with the support of a competent, independently operating optometrist with a bulk-billed eye test, you can stay on top of your vision health needs.

Your eyes will definitely thank you for it!

*The report can be accessed here: Out of Sight | A report into diabetic eye disease in Australia.

Authored by Dr Mohamed Dirani.

Text copyright ©Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute and Centre for Eye Research Australia (2013).