Ghosts in Glasses: Get Ready for Halloween with The Optical Superstore

This year, October 31st won’t be like every other Tuesday.

The time nears that zombies will rise, ghosts will haunt the streets, and couples will waltz around in bright pink ensembles mirroring the best of this year’s movies. Halloween approaches and we’re setting our sights on the most frightening frames of the season.

Costumes don’t need to be overly complicated. And they needn’t be one-use either, worn briefly and discarded. At The Optical Superstore, we’ve cracked the code for reusable Halloween outfits, and it all starts with the frame…

If you wear glasses daily, then why not incorporate them naturally into this year’s costume? Parents and children and people of all ages can morph into monsters and ghouls without compromising on vision or spook-factor. All the best book and movie characters wear glasses; and who says zombies have perfect eyesight? You can even grab yourself a Snellen chart and start your career as an amateur optometrist!

Among all the scares of Halloween, there’s one thing which should never be terrifying… the price of a new pair of glasses. The Optical Superstore’s No + Low Gap deal for health fund members means you can score more than just an expired chocolate bar this Halloween. This is the perfect chance to update your look before most health funds reset at the end of the year.

But, for now, here’s some inspiration to get your creativity flowing and discover how your favourite frames can form the foundation of a killer Halloween outfit… 

Just add a trench coat, deerstalker, and magnifying glass, and it won’t take a detective to work out that you’re dressed as… well, a detective. The circular shape of this Asia frame from Kate Spade is prime costume material, evoking a long line of pop culture references and style icons. Sturdy yet classy, this fabulous frame is a deserving staple for any wardrobe, and doubles as dynamic choice for Halloween creativity.

The bold cat-eye shape of this frame is balanced with a soft, agreeable shade of either pink or beige. Think of a pop star on the main stage, with a big statement to be made. Think of spotlights and confetti and a thousand screaming fans. Think of you and Candice, on top of the world. Now’s the time to let your costume manifest the dreams of your youth.

Yes, we say cartoon characters, but the scope for this Hi H22C1P is as vast as the imagination of the child who wears it. With its square rim and joyfully patterned temples, there’s not a more enthusiastic frame wandering the Halloween streets. Available in blue, purple, clear, and brown, the H22C1P is unconstrained and ready to bring a range of costumes to life. Fairy? Party clown? Butterfly? Here’s a frame to turn fantasy into reality.

This one is for the parents who might’ve left organising a Halloween costume until the last minute. Every superhero has their secret identity, and glasses are often key to slipping into that alternate persona. In comes Kate Spade’s Jaileen frame; available in tort or black and featuring a delicate twist of metal on the temple. It’s a timely reminder that every parent is a secret superhero.

We’re back again with the classic round frames, but this time the crazy scientists are bringing their theories to the table. Fila’s VF9971 is an intelligent frame, seamlessly appropriate in a business meeting, at dinner with friends, or crashing around the kitchen at home. Or… on the face of a genius scientist, bubbling beaker in hand, ready to add a few boxes to the periodic table.

Spies are the ultimate advocates for sun safety. Hidden behind the Fila 9051, neither the UV rays nor enemy agents will be able to penetrate the fortified defences of this frame. With a deep blue hue and wrap-around shape, you’re well on your way to crafting a comprehensive cloak of anonymity. Complemented by a bowler hat, trench coat, and briefcase, your Halloween-night-only spy career is sure to span many international (or neighbourhood) boarders.

Okay, perhaps it was more popular during the Halloween of 2022, but what’s scarier than a trend resurrected from the dead? Ghosts in sunglasses flooded the internet, as people everywhere donned white sheets and shades for hauntingly aesthetic midnight photoshoots. The 20AZU1PS from Ashley & ZAC wants to join the fun; its deep, protective shape wrought in black and featuring blue, grey, or brown highlights. Perhaps you’ll even meet a real ghost this Halloween, jealous of your killer sunnies.

Don’t Fear the Price Tag

There are so many ways to make your glasses the main event or integrate them flawlessly into your chosen character this October 31st.

In the meantime, chuck a pair of sunnies on the pumpkin by your front door (he’s really exposed to the elements out there) and venture – if you dare – into The Optical Superstore. Our frames are perfect for a haunting, though the prices are anything but scary.

Check out more costume ideas by viewing our frames here, and strap in for the spookiest day of the year…