Australian Fashion Week (May 15th - 19th)


Australian Fashion Week blazes to life on May 15th, and we’re ready to walk the runway.   

At the Optical Superstore, we can’t understand why the appreciation of Australian fashion should be confined to a single week.

Venture in store to find the latest styles in colours to suit every trend, season, mood and daydream. Be introduced to the best of Emilio Pucci, Olivia Vespucci, Kate Spade, and many more. The Optical Superstore stocks a variety of collections, sure to contain the hidden gem to complete your unique look.

Your style should be an unapologetic celebration of your vibrant personality.

Be bold. Be unafraid. Let designer glasses take you from supermarket aisle to catwalk.

Immerse yourself in the best of high-fashion frames everyday by wearing the works of world-renowned designers, available at the Optical Superstore.

Curious? Indulge in a taste of opulence with these designer frames:

Tie back your hair and let your creativity shine from the vibrant burst of red on the temples of this Emilio Pucci 5014 frame. All business at the front, with a deep, sophisticated tortoiseshell rim, this acetate frame embodies the duality of profession and expression.


What says ‘fashion’ like fuchsia frames? This round Oroton Odyssey frame is an affordable way to assert confident elegance. As delicate gold metal arms subtly catch the sunlight, the frame’s soft shape and unique colour are sure to generate more than a few inspired compliments.


Another intricate design from Olivia Vespucci, the OV-2020 frame provides a deeper shape and richer tone. The boldness of burgundy is balanced with delicate detailing on the temples and adorned by Swarovski crystals to create a small, wearable masterpiece. If you’re looking for a frame to match a multifaceted personality, the OV-2020 might be exactly your speed.


Bridging the gap between modern and classic, this Kate Spade Asia frame is uncompromising and refined. A resolutely black frame, some flashes of audaciousness come from its metal nose bridge and restrained detailing. Avoiding flashy embellishments, the decisive colour and reliable round shape make it a worthy staple in the repertoire of fashion enthusiasts.


Fashion and sun safety need not be mutually exclusive with the Moira frame from Radley London. Simultaneously protect your eyes and draw the eyes of passersby as the red tortoiseshell rim comes alive at the top with an edgy contour of blue metal, diving around the side to continue down the temples. This pop of colour brings together style and functionality, and is also available in black, with a bronze/red temple combination.


Meet Yolande from Radley London. An oval-shaped metal frame, Yolande is a classy way to introduce some colour into your look. The brilliant blue and gold rims provide an unpretentious glamour while, thin, unobtrusive arms lead to subtly pink-accented temple tips. This frame is equally stunning at work, home, or the next Met Gala.


Bring a real-life twinkle to your eye with the OV-1022 frame from Olivia Vespucci. Studded with Swarovski crystals and glinting with poise, this rimless frame offers a lighter touch, sitting daintily upon the face so as to enhance rather than obscure. Available in brown, burgundy, and silver, let this frame complement your choice of jewellery or act alone to add that little sparkle.