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The new standard in prescription safety eyewear

The Optical Superstore prescription safety glasses range offers medium-impact safety eyewear under the 1337.6 ANZ Standard with a range of medium impact certified products.

Low vs medium impact

The type of safety eyewear you wear is dependent on the task or activity conducted, and the risk that task can have on damaging your eyes. The Optical Superstore Safety Eyewear offers only a medium impact range.

Low Impact: Suitable for tasks where there is a low risk of damage to the eyes, with no debris, however, some protection is still required. Suitable for occupations such as a dentist, doctor or any chemical laboratory related tasks.

Medium Impact: Suitable for occupations where there is a high risk of debris that can damage the eyes, or where blunt objects are utilised. This can include mining, construction, grinding, farming and agriculture, woodworking, machinery usage, hammering or bricklaying.

The Optical Superstore medium-impact 1.53 Phoenix safety lenses

The Optical Superstore offers a unique 1.53 index Phoenix material that is certified
for medium impact to the SAI Global standard AS/NZS 1337.6. Phoenix is extremely lightweight and is resistant to most common chemicals including acetone, which can be a problem for polycarbonate. Phoenix also has better optical clarity properties and is more scratch resistant. Available as standard with a scratch resistant hard-coat or an anti-reflective multi-coat guaranteeing crisp, clear vision across the entire surface of the lens.

SAI Global accreditation

Sai Global AccreditationTo ensure the highest quality products The Optical Superstore offers certified, accredited medium impact lenses. Each safety frame and lenses are independently tested by a NATA accredited laboratory for medium-impact, ballistics testing, penetration tests at both ambient and elevated temperatures, thickness criteria and prescription accuracy. SAI Global conduct a bi-annual audit to ensure all records and batch testing samples are maintained. Certification only applies to medium-impact products.

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