The Secret to Spectacular Style: What Glasses Suit My Face?

Your eyeglasses aren’t just a necessity; they’re your style signature, uniquely you. But with countless frame options, how do you choose what glasses suit your face? Get ready to decode the style secrets, accentuate your features, and discover the Frame+Face Formula . Let’s unveil your perfect pair.

Identify Your Face Shape

Your journey to discovering the perfect frames starts with understanding your face shape. Here are several common face shapes;

1 Round Faces:

Imagine a face reminiscent of a soft circle with gently curved edges. The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all very similar in width. Celebs like Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez, and Kirsten Dunst have round faces.

2 Square Faces:

Strong jawlines and well-defined angles characterize square faces. Think Margot Robbie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gabrielle Union, and Kelly Osbourne. Empowering women with strong appearances!

3 Oval Faces:

Oval faces are notably longer than wide, with balanced, soft features. Taylor Swift, Millie Bobby Brown, Beyonce, and Jude Law sport this face shape.

4 Heart-Shaped Faces:

Picture a face with a broad forehead and a narrower, pointy chin – that’s what we call a heart-shaped face. Reese Witherspoon, Billie Eilish, Scarlett Johansson, and Zac Efron are heartthrobs with this shape.

5 Diamond Faces:

Diamond faces boast high cheekbones and a narrower forehead and chin. Rihanna, Megan Fox, Lucy Liu, and Johnny Depp exemplify this unique shape.

So, which shape are you?

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on face shapes let’s lift the lid on the

Frame+Face Formula and show you how to compliment a face shape

that is uniquely yours with the perfect frame shape.

Introducing our Frame+Face Formula: The 3 Principles

We’ve mentioned this phrase a few times already.
What do we mean by the Frame+Face Formula?

Blending a mix of art and science into the frame selection process is the magic ingredient in pinpointing your perfect frame. The beauty of this 3-principle process is that you can even narrow in on frame shapes and styles for different aspects of your lifestyle.

Principle #1: CBT: Cheeks, Brow, & Temples

The first principle of the Frame+Face Formula is “Brow, Temples, and Cheeks.” Here, the science behind frame/face matching comes into play with the face shape categories. Why it matters: Every frame style that pushes dramatically beyond these zones will result in heavy eyewear when trying on various frame shapes.

Note that frames sitting heavily on your cheeks or resting against your eyebrows will get oily fast. Ask yourself, “Does my face look big in these?”

Principle #2: Contrast = Balance

Contrasting frame shape with face shape means choosing frames that stand out from your natural contours. For instance, try for a strong, square frame shape if your face is round. On the other hand, if you have strong angles (think square or heart-shaped), opt for round eyeglasses shapes. Think harmony, balance, and contrast. Why it matters: The contrast balances your features: Large round frames on a large round face can look like a caricature. So to can bold, square frames on squares face.

Principle #3: Ask Why

At some point, you’ll have to try on eyewear. Therefore, take the opportunity to ‘Ask Why.’ That is, what need or purpose does this purchase answer?

  • Are you after an upgrade to your everyday pair of multifocals?+
  • Is this going to be a secondary pair of glasses that need to compliment your new outfit?
  • Do you have a work uniform we must factor in for colour and tone?
  • Will this new pair of glasses be part of a complete wardrobe makeover—hair, makeup, shoes, jewellery… the works!?
  • I’m just after something different and I don’t know what that is!

Why it matters: A mix of factors connected to your lifestyle and appearance are invaluable here. Landing on some clarity with the ‘Ask Why’ principle often leads to the most content prescription eyewear purchases!


Of course, you’re welcome to be swayed by seasonal trends or popular styles. If there is a current trend that you desire to channel with your next pair of glasses, let us help. We can help you find the perfect blend of classic, timeless charm and contemporary chic!

Ready to Shine? Your Perfect Frames Await

So, there you have it! Identifying your face shape and factoring in our Frame+Face Formula gives you your new Optical Superstore frame selection superpower! You’ll be spoilt for choice with perfect frame options in no time. More importantly, you’ll never again struggle with the ‘what glasses suit my face’ dilemma.

And if you ever find yourself puzzled or need further expert guidance, don’t hesitate to visit The Optical Superstore. Our trained staff are here to make your eyewear journey a breeze—in fact, let us show you our expertise in action.

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Embrace your style, celebrate your uniqueness, and always choose frames that show off the YOU that’s uniquely you.