The Future of Multifocal Glasses Is Now: Introducing HT Digital Freeform Lenses

Welcome to The Optical Superstore, your trusted destination for cutting-edge vision solutions. In this blog post, we are thrilled to unveil the revolutionary HT Digital range of multifocal glasses lenses crafted for discerning Australian adults who seek the ultimate in multifocal lens technology to achieve superb vision, comfort at all viewing positions, and minimal adaption to new prescription glasses.

Sure, affordability is essential, but so is achieving a state-of-the-art end result, and that’s precisely what the HT Digital lenses deliver.

How do HT Digital lenses meet your unique visual needs? Read on to find out!

Unleashing the Customisable Design behind HT Digital Lenses

The HT Digital range sets a new standard in multifocal lens design, offering two distinct options to cater to your specific needs:

The HT Digital Defined.

HT Digital Panorama.

These digitally-designed lenses provide unparalleled vision outcomes, embodying our commitment to being a Multifocal Lens Leader in the optical|retail space for Australian prescription glasses wearers.

Let’s break down each lens design to illustrate how the template and design approach firstly targets a general multifocal wearer’s needs but can then be tailored further to take your unique visual experiences and demands to the next level .

HT Digital Defined – Redefine the “Up Close & Personal.”

The HT Digital Defined resulted from multifocal lens crafters looking to perfect a full graduated lens design with the desire to create an uncompromising lens for the reading and intermediate zones. This lens has been designed with the “avid reader” in mind while offering an excellent level of distance vision clarity.

Have your head buried in books or at your laptop most of the day, but then expected to jump in the car and collect the kids? The HT Digital Defined is where it’s at.

The HT Digital Defined is the ultimate companion for those who revel in the joy of books and close-range tasks. This multifocal lens design offers a well-defined and generous reading zone, ensuring you can immerse yourself in your literary adventures with utmost clarity. Say goodbye to the frustrations of constantly adjusting your prescription glasses as you read, and experience a new level of visual comfort with HT Digital Defined lenses.

HT Digital Panorama – For When Adventure Calls (Or it’s “Go Time!”)

Many Australian multifocal glasses wearers don’t have the luxury of sitting around all day… reading (ah, the life?!). For some of us, life is driving from point A to point B—a new notification, a new delivery, and onto the next job.

That manic, never-stop, on-the-hop work/life routine is who the HT Digital Panorama lens exists for!

So, your daily life is a constant journey, with work and home demands taking you from A to Z and every letter in between. In that case, the HT Digital Panorama is your ideal multifocal lens solution.

This lens design provides a seamless panoramic view, offering the widest field of vision for distance tasks. That wide, field-of-view design principle ensures that drivers, runners, busy mums and dads don’t miss a beat. The lens layout still offers a smooth transition between near, intermediate, and distance vision zones, so for those precious moments when you do get to stop for a breather–you’re set to scroll Insta.

Whether you’re a globetrotting explorer, a busy professional, or a dynamic parent on the move, the HT Digital Panorama empowers you to conquer life’s adventures with crystal-clear vision.

Unlock the Power of HT Digital Lenses

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the HT Digital difference at The Optical Superstore.

Each branch of The Optical Superstore offers bulk-billed eye testing services, with independently operating optometrists’ onsite. Once your thorough eye test is complete, trained optical support staff will guide you through the selection processes for which lens designs harmonise with your needs best. Also, remember the eyeglasses frames! They play a vital role in ensuring the best result–and we can assist with selecting frames too.

After all, you deserve a pair of multifocal glasses perfectly tailored to your unique needs, style, and look. Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your eyewear game with the most advanced multifocal glasses lenses The Optical Superstore has ever had the pleasure of offering.

Visit us today to discuss the HT Digital range further, or call your nearest store to find out how you can elevate your vision to new heights.

Book an optometrist eye test online or visit your nearest store to discover the future of multifocal eyewear. The Optical Superstore is committed to providing you with the best end result for your multifocal lenses—experience the difference with HT Digital lenses now!