Sunnies for the Snow: Glare Stops With Polarised Lenses

Thick socks, warm fires, hot drinks, and comforting movies might present the perfect winter for many, but for the adventurous among us, cold months have never been a time for hibernation. As temperatures plummet, people all over the country are swapping their surfboards for snowboards, ready to hike, ski, sled, and tumble down mountainsides blanketed in their seasonal fall.

While a cricket bat may look out of place on a ski slope, and snow boots unwelcome on the cricket pitch, your most important piece of equipment doesn’t discriminate between summer and winter sports. For the outdoors-inclined, continuing the Australian tradition of fearlessly battling the elements at their most extreme, polarised sunglasses are essential gear year-round.

Polarised sunglasses are an investment for anyone spending time under our Australian sun, especially those enduring prolonged exposure as a result of their sporting endeavours. In addition to providing protection against harmful UV rays, polarised lenses reduce the severe glare off snow, making for a much improved winter sports experience.

Why Polarised?
When light reflects off a surface such as water, pavement, or snow it becomes horizontally polarised, resulting in an intense glare. Polarised lenses are specialised optical filters which specifically block these horizontally polarised light waves. The result of this? Polarised lenses reduce glare, improve visual contrast, and minimise eye strain, making them a necessity for activities such as fishing, boating, driving, and, of course, snow sports.

Snow-covered surfaces reflect a significant amount of sunlight, producing incredibly bright conditions which can easily impede skiers and snowboarders. Snow blindness prevention through the use of polarised lenses not only improves clarity in snowy conditions, leading to a safer experience, but ensures you can enjoy the weather for longer with reduced eye fatigue.

Upgrade Your Gear.
Forget boots and gloves and thermals; your most stylish piece of snow gear protects from more than just the bitter air. Winter sunglasses are your chance to stand out against the slopes and claim ‘cool’ as your own. Confidence starts with clear vision and runway-ready frames.

Not sure where to begin? Transition seamlessly from surf to snow with our range of Bill Bass sunglasses, available with polarised lenses directly off the shelf in our $58 and $88 ranges.

It’s the easiest winter sports equipment you’ll ever take care of. Maintain quality by simply cleaning regularly with a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning solution to remove dirt and smudges, and storing in a protective case to prevent scratches.

There’s no need to sacrifice fashion for practicality. Hit the slopes in style this season with your new Bill Bass frames, or venture in-store to discover what else we can do for your vision this winter.

Safety, Style, and Comfort Starts Here.
As your breath mists in the air, and fingertips shiver inside wool gloves, you’d be forgiven for forgetting the sun still hovers in the sky. But harmful UV rays refuse to abide by a seasonal schedule, and snow blindness can impair even the most experienced adventurers. Don’t wait until you’re halfway down the slope, invest in polarised lenses now to deftly dodge those hidden obstacles.

Quit squinting and see the snow in full detail with polarised sunglasses from The Optical Superstore.