Producing Prescription Lenses: Through Thick & Thin

Have you ever wondered why your pair of lenses are thicker than a previous pair?

Perhaps your lenses have gotten heavier over the years, and you often wonder why?

Let us provide a little background behind the result you see with your new prescription glasses. Optical Superstore can offer ideas and suggestions so that your next pair of glasses may be thinner and lighter as a result.

~ Let’s get into the THICK of it ~

Firstly, the stronger the power of correction required, the thicker the lenses need to be. WHY? An increase in the curvature of the lenses is required to provide that increase in magnification.

Remember the rule of thumb: For EVERY prescription increase required, an increase in curvature and thickness is necessary. Even a slight change in prescription can result in noticeable differences from one pair of glasses to the next.

Can anything be done to improve the look of my lenses?

Indeed! At Optical Superstore, we are happy to discuss all the available options to provide thinner and lighter lenses for your next pair of glasses.

Several elements can be factored into your next eyewear purchase:

  • Lens Material: Not all lens materials are the same. Most prescriptions are available in various materials, designed to provide the exact prescription you require, with flatter lens designs, hence thinner and lighter results!
  • Stock versus Grind: Perhaps you have had a friend rave over their new glasses recently? They may have mentioned that their optical professional suggested that they should ‘grind the lenses to be thinner?‘ An effective way to improve the look of your new optical purchase!
  • Frame Choices: Picking the ideal frame for your prescription can help your glasses look their best. Optical Superstore staff at any one of our retail locations are there to help with choosing the right frame for your prescription.

Optical Superstore removes the guesswork for you. We take great-looking eyewear seriously. Many of our customers can attest to the attention to detail we deliver to their eyewear needs. Of course, lens choice is a big part of getting that right. We would love for you to experience this, too.

Did you know; Quality lens options aren’t just available to the select few, those with extra money to throw at the problem?

We include several ‘thinner, lighter’ lens choices across our ‘No Or Low Gap’ offerings for Health Fund members!

Check out the options on offer here

The staff at Optical Superstore and our on-site independent eye-care professionals are here to support your vision needs and provide SUPER solutions through thick and thin.

Get in touch with Optical Superstore to discuss your prescription needs or booking an eye test online, today.