Kids See Clearly: Book an Eye Test These School Holidays

Congratulations parents; you’ve reached the halfway mark! Take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back for battling through the semester one homework and sporting commitments and parent-teacher interviews. We know you understand that it’s a marathon not a sprint, and with the mid-year school holidays upon us, now is your chance to rest and reset for the second half. What better time to book your child in for a bulk billed eye test at The Optical Superstore?

They grow and change at a rate faster than the eye can see. First it’s a new school, a fresh haircut, then a first kiss, a driver’s licence, graduation. With sleepovers to plan and dirty socks to wash, you’d be forgiven for missing the subtler changes in your child’s vision. That’s where optometrists come in! Before the chaos of the school year begins anew, take this opportunity to book your child in for a bulk billed eye test at The Optical Superstore and ensure they have the best chance in school and beyond.

Study, Sport, and Screens:

Kids spend a lot of time at school, so it’s only fair they do it with the best tools available… including the best vision. Studying is stressful enough without struggling to see the whiteboard at a distance or straining to read dense texts for English class. A quick eye test might be all they need to refocus on their study goals, without squinting through blurry vision. The best part of it is an eye test doesn’t require any study!

But afternoons and weekends deserve clear vision too. There’s far more to childhood than homework and exams. Perhaps video games have become a bit unclear, or the piano sheet music is blurring. Maybe the basketball hoop is hazy from the free-throw line, or neighbourhood friends’ faces are hard to make out across the street. Extracurriculars give the week their colour; make sure not a detail is missed with a bulk billed eye test from The Optical Superstore.

Kids today live in a world of pixels and AI. They’ve grown up alongside Wikipedia and spell-check and Instagram, with more access to technology than ever before. With digital screens such a fundamental part of the modern world – both in education and leisure – eye health in children has only become more important. As it becomes normal to spend less time outdoors and more time on devices, optometrists expect myopia – or short-sightedness – in children to increase significantly. These school holidays, encourage your child to pause their Netflix bingeing and venture into The Optical Superstore for a routine eye test in order to spot vision changes early.

MiYOSMART Might be the Answer:

At The Optical Superstore, we offer MiYOSMART lenses, specially developed to manage myopia in children. Not only do they provide crystal clear vision, but also slow the progression of myopia, helping to prevent long-term vision issues.

Impact resistant materials account for fun-filled days on the playground, and lens adaptability means there are no limits on your choice of fashionable frames. When you bring them in for their next appointment, inquire about MiYOSMART lenses and whether they could take your child’s vision to the next level.

Eyes Ahead for Semester Two:

At The Optical Superstore, we’re standing by, pit-stop ready to get you on your way for the rest of 2023. Take this as your reminder for an eye health reset; seize the school holidays and get your kids off the couch and into the optometrist’s chair for a bulk billed eye test.

Book an appointment online today to get ahead of the second semester chaos.