Frames for the Whole Family: Your One-Stop Shop for All Optical Needs

At The Optical Superstore, We Know Families…

The kids are at school and netball training and sleepovers. Mum and dad are at work and the grocery store and brunch with friends. Grandma and grandpa are at golf and bingo and in the vegetable garden. Families are a busy ecosystem.

We understand because we have families of our own. It’s hard enough trying to chase everyone down to sign a birthday card, let alone ensuring their eye health is being regularly maintained. That’s why it’s so exciting when annual events give us the chance to come together as one; birthdays, anniversaries, New Years Eve, and other celebrations. Unfortunately, these few freezing mid-year months are notorious for a devastating lack of public holidays.

But perhaps there’s a solution. Why not bring the family together and keep up to date with much-needed eye health checks? If you’re looking for an excuse to get the rellies together this winter, organising a group excursion to The Optical Superstore might just be the unconventional new calendar event you need to assemble the household.

Your eyes are special, so treat them like they are. A bulk-billed eye test from The Optical Superstore is a simple and affordable check-in to ensure your family’s eye health isn’t lost in the chaos of a busy year.

Better Than Matching Pyjamas

Ever had that alarming Christmas present – yourself and your siblings forced to wear matching pyjamas, hats, slippers, or embarrassing t-shirts? At The Optical Superstore, we understand that a synthesised family style is great, but people are also individuals, each with their own unique taste. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of frames perfect for every member of the tribe.

Let dad browse the FILA and Lancefield collections while mum assesses styles from Emilio Pucci and Radley London. Meanwhile, the kids can feast their gaze upon fun-filled frames from Garfield, Seek, and Explore. And perhaps treat grandma to some Oliva Vespucci or Stephanie Leigh as grandpa decides between Douglas Anthony and Grant Winter.

It’ll take a tight-knit group effort to make the all-important decisions when it comes to frames. Fortunately, with the use of our online appointment book, it’s as easy as anything to coordinate a time to get together and tackle the task of excellent eyesight.

Here’s a glimpse at a few designs to outfit the entire family at The Optical Superstore…

For the Kids:

Boring colours are for boring adults. This Bravo BV16Y1 grasps childhood at its most vibrant and allows your child to waltz confidently into school with their enviable new frames. The design features a rectangular shape of energetic blue, wrapping around into comfortable navy arms. With electric blue stripes to turbo-charge their vision, they’ll be ready for a day of monkey bars, discovery, and a healthy dose of trouble. Not a fan of blue? Well, the BV16Y1 is also available in black/red and gunmetal/green combinations for every kid’s choice of self-expression.

Every child has a favourite colour. It’s a defining aspect of their developing personality, and sure to influence their favourite toys, clothes, and cartoon characters for years to come. Lucky, then, that the Explore 21EC2P comes in not one, but four. Available in purple, pink, blue, and brown, this frame provides a palette sure to satisfy the most expressive member of the family. With a soft shape and comfortable nose pads, the 21EC2P is a frame which lets imagination run wild.

For Mum and Dad:

Sharp but fun, dad can’t go wrong with the FILA VF9918I. This is a frame which isn’t afraid to transition straight from the day job to a backyard barbeque. The VF9918I is a metal frame, rectangular in shape with bold red highlights stretching down the arms to the temple tips. A design with intention, the addition of some colour gives this frame a personal touch, making for a real statement piece.

For Grandma and Grandpa:

The Olivia Vespucci OV-1014 provides a bit of glam for grandma. This delicate frame is sure to mirror and highlight her most treasured pieces of jewellery and put a real glint in her eye. This is a refined metal frame, rectangular in shape and available in gold, brown or black. The real talking point of the OV-1014, however, is its intricately detailed arms; elegant swirls studded with Swarovski crystals – a wearable art piece sure to encounter a few compliments.

The Goulburn 903 in dark brown or gunmetal likes newspapers printed on real paper and phones firmly fixed to a wall. With an agreeable rectangular shape and the added interest of detailed texture on the arms and warm tortoiseshell temple tips, this frame encompasses all the most familiar parts of a day with grandad. Reliable, classic and gentlemanly, this is a sensible frame perfect for keeping up with the grandchildren and all of grandpa’s favourite retirement activities.

Six People, Twelve Eyes, One Optical Superstore

No matter how large the family – two people, four, ten – The Optical Superstore is here to help every member find their perfect frame. By combining an important bulk-billed eye test with the chance to get together, you can ensure vital health and family time aren’t sacrificed in the year’s chaos.

At the Optical Superstore, we have frames fit for the whole family. So, take the time now to reserve an afternoon and make it an adventure worthy of a classic family vacation film.