Don’t Stress the Dollar Sign: A Student’s Guide to Affordable Optics

Going It Alone… Or Not

Throughout childhood, parents and guardians can be relied upon to keep the Earth turning. This includes managing important health checks, essential for keeping you in the best possible condition so you can live life comfortably. Starting university – likely even moving away from home – brings a whole new level of independence. As well as buying groceries and organising an overflowing social calendar, this includes keeping on top of routine health appointments. And in case it wasn’t clear, The Optical Superstore, is here for your eyes.

University is something you do to invest in your future. An eye test is the same. Your eyes are with you for your entire life, so it’s incredibly important to look after them properly. A bulk-billed eye test is the cheapest, easiest way to ensure you maintain your eye health and manage any risks to your vision down the line. Just make an appointment and we’ll handle the rest.

Plus, don’t you want to be able to see the lecture screen in perfect detail, and accurately read the menu at the uni bar?

Bulk-billed Takes the Pressure Off

The life of a student is steeped in frugality. We completely understand. But what if we told you a bulk-billed eye test from The Optical Superstore won’t make a cent of difference to your savings account?

All it costs is the smallest bit of your time to ensure your vision is clear and eyes healthy. It’s hard to fault that logic.

With locations across the country, you can be sure to find a store wherever your adventures take you. And our online appointment book means you don’t even have to pick up the phone. Make an appointment to suit your schedule, and we’ll see you in-store for a bulk-billed eye test at your nearest Optical Superstore.

Savings and Style

Trendy and affordable aren’t mutually exclusive. With The Optical Superstore, you can strike the perfect balance between low prices and high fashion, with our large selection of $58 and $88 frames. Or ask about our $28 range, perfect for the most economical student.

Browse collections from Radley London, Amy Sherbrooke, O’Neill, and Candice or prepare for the warmer weather with new prescription sunglasses by Fila, Ugly Fish or Jeff Lucas.

University isn’t just about education, it’s a chance to express yourself. Do it best with fresh frames from The Optical Superstore.

Deals on Deals

Saving up to go overseas? Then, here’s a deal for you. The Optical Superstore’s Low + No Gap offer means health fund members can make the most of your optical extras cover before it resets at the end of the year.

Not with a health fund? Not to worry, we’ve got plenty of other ways to make eyewear affordable.

Take a peek at some of our most exciting offers… 

Second Pair Half Price

Is it worth the risk of being left without great vision? With our second pair half price offer, you can be sure to have a backup pair of prescription glasses for those moments when bad luck intervenes. Unfortunately, every year too many pairs of glasses are the victim of a misplaced step or forgotten on restaurant tables or buried beneath couch cushions. With two new pairs, feel reassured to know you’ll never be left with impaired vision should the worst happen to your primary pair.

And then there’s the fashion. Why choose one frame when you can alternate between two? A pair for the mornings and one for nights. A frame for work and one for home. Express your dynamic personality by refusing to limit yourself in eyewear style.

This can all be yours for as little as $192.00, with two frames from our $58 range paired with $70 standard Single Vision lenses. Whatever your needs, our two-pair offer is here to make eyecare affordable.

Blueblock Lens Coating

The reality of university is a lot of time spent on the computer. Many hours are given each week taking notes, completing assignments, watching online lectures, and this means significant exposure to blue light. This light is produced naturally by the sun, but also in large quantities from all your digital devices. Theories suggest excessive exposure to blue light can have an adverse effect on your brain’s ability to switch off at night, disrupting your circadian rhythm.

A blueblock lens coating reduces the blue light reaching your eyes and can help minimise resultant eye fatigue leading to better quality sleep.

Get a new pair of prescription glasses, including single vision blueblock coated lenses in a $58 frame The Optical Superstore for only $218.00. Give blueblock a try for more focused study and restful sleep.

Safety Eyewear

Eye protection in some vocational courses is essential. If you’re training for a future in industries such as construction, healthcare, and agriculture, safety glasses are incredibly necessary for preventing accidents resulting in blunt force trauma, chemical burns, and corneal abrasion.

Safety glasses aid in avoiding such injuries by way of their specially tough materials and peripheral vision guards. For glasses-wearers, however, attempting to use both safety glasses and regular prescription glasses simultaneously can be awkward, uncomfortable, and potentially interfere with the seal of the safety eyewear. The solution is prescription safety glasses. As well as facilitating a perfect fit which prevents the glasses from slipping, this measure keeps your everyday glasses free from potential scratches, cracks, and other related damage.

Check out our prescription safety eyewear packages, starting at just $220.00 for a complete pair from The Optical Superstore.

Lens Coating Upgrades

As light is refracted through your lenses, some of this bounces off the surface of the lens, causing a secondary reflection, likeable to a mirror. While this doesn’t directly impact the accuracy of your prescription, it can be annoying for people who wear glasses all day, and the constancy of it can tire your eyes.

An anti-reflective coating is your solution, placed upon the back and front of each lens to significantly cut down on reflections for yourself looking out, as well as other people trying to see your eyes.

The Optical Superstore has got the AR lenses for you. For only $130, see the benefits of our standard single-vision anti-reflective coated lenses, battling secondary images for improved visual clarity. Or upgrade to the superior Super Final Touch (SFT) multicoat for an additional $15.00 and take home these extra special lenses for a total of only $145.00.

With so many ways to see clearly on a student budget, there’s no excuse to delay on a bulk-billed eye test at The Optical Superstore. Get started by booking through the link below.