Do Glasses Make My Eyes Worse? Separating Fact from Fiction

Unlock the truth about glasses: Are they a friend or foe for your vision? Do you resist and persist? Or will prescription glasses play a positive role in supporting your sight?

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In the ever-evolving world of eye health, misconceptions can cloud our understanding. Many wonder if wearing glasses weakens your eyes, but is that really true? We empathize with your concerns and are here to shed light on the facts.

Glasses Do NOT Make Your vision Worse or Your Eyes Lazy.

Case in point, if your vision has deteriorated (even to a minor degree) and you push through the day on concentrated tasks and work activities, you may find an increase in eyestrain and eye fatigue—this could be part of the reason for that increase in headaches you’ve noticed.

Uncorrected, the components of your eyes (and the muscles around them) in charge of focusing and clarity need to work overtime.

What Do Prescription Lenses ACTUALLY Do?

Simply put, lenses bend light (they refract it, to be more specific) so that the light reflecting off the thing you are seeing (words on the page, emoji’s in that SMS, images on the laptop, the view from the top of the world!) is angled to land on the exact spot at the back of your eye so that your brain can process a crisp image.This area is called the retina.

You can be absolutely confident that this is the purpose of prescription glasses. And if you DON’T need glasses to assist in correcting your vision, you can be assured that your optometrist won’t prescribe them “just to make money.”

Can I Trick The Optometrist To Get Glasses? 1 Or 2…?

“What about my son or daughter who LOVES the idea of glasses and wants them so much—can they ‘trick’ the optometrist into determining a prescription?

Concerned mums and dads out there will be pleased to know that the short answer here is excellent: NO. You can’t trick an optometrist by purposely misreading the eye chart’s bottom line of letters. Or any other little sneaky effort to ‘fake’ vision problems in the optometry testing room.

They might ask a simple question, “Which is better, one or two…?” But, they ask it repeatedly throughout various tests—each slightly different to the previous—to account for inaccuracy, expectation, and “creative answers.”

The optometry eye test is a comprehensive eye examination incorporating various equipment to verify if your eyes have a refractive error. You’d be surprised to know just how accurate an optometrist would be in confirming your vision skills and eyesight quality without asking you a single question. Of course, there are other purposes in a thorough eye test, hence all the questions about your lifestyle, family history, and unique concerns.

Why Do I Need an Adaption Period To New Glasses?

Getting used to a new pair of glasses often requires adjustment. For some, this can feel strange visually. Why could this be the case?

For many first-time glasses wearers, your eyes require time to acquaint themselves with the enhanced clarity and precision your new lenses provide. It’s crucial to understand that this adaptation period is entirely normal and doesn’t indicate any immediate or irreparable deterioration in your vision.

Likely, your vision system (your eyes and brain working together) is getting used to not doing all the extra work it has had to perform up to this point. Think of it as your eyes recalibrating to a more refined way of seeing the world. So, if your vision feels slightly different initially, rest assured – it’s just your eyes embracing the positive change, ensuring your visual experience becomes the best it can be.

Beyond the Myth: ‘Do Glasses Make My Eyes Worse’ Unravelled

Hopefully, we’ve tackled a couple of the big Frequently Asked Questions here and unravelled the mystery around your eyes and glasses—and of course, if you have any other questions about your eye health, prescription glasses, and our fantastic sense of sight, your team at The Optical Superstore is only a phone call, email, or Instagram reply away!

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