Boost Your Productivity in the Digital Age with HT Indoor Lenses | Your Introductory Guide

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In this blog post, we invite you to explore the remarkable world of HT Indoor Lenses—the perfect answer to the challenges of modern multitasking and the limitations of multifocal lenses.

If you’ve been struggling with the limitations of single-vision glasses or your current ‘okay at everything, great at nothing‘ multifocal glasses during work or in your home office, fret no more! The Optical Superstore presents the ideal solution with our HT Indoor Lens solutions.

Let’s get into it!

Introduction to HT Indoor Lenses

In today’s fast-paced digital age, we are immersed in a world of concentrated tasks and demanding work environments. Whilst the location has changed for many, from the bustling shared office space to the quiet solitude of the home office, the modern workspace presents some serious visual hurdles. Multiple monitor configurations, deep workspace layouts, and ergonomic issues with posture all come into play—even more so when prescription correction is involved.

The HT Indoor Lens range from The Optical Superstore is a game-changer in this regard. If you’ve spent several hours and good money getting your workspace configured to your exact needs but still struggle with multifocal or progressive lenses, you have to check out the HT Indoor Lens range.

The BIG THREE Benefits of HT Indoor Lenses

HT Indoor lenses revamp your visual experience whilst engaging in concentrated tasks by providing three BIG benefits:

  • Reducing eye strain and eye fatigue with the ideal layout.

The lens design is geared specifically for your workspace and improves the efficiency of your eye’s ability to focus on that ‘middle distance’ area. This middle zone is at its narrowest in even the best technology multifocal lenses on the market, whereas the HT Lens range caters for this area specifically. An HT Indoor lens offers the correct prescriptive power for that position (PC monitor/laptop/workbench/office desk) right where it needs to be!

  • Generous reading zones.

The other area where a full multifocal design can lead to disappointment is the width of the reading area.

Avid readers persisting with multifocal lenses often take a little bit of extra convincing—the simple pleasure of sitting down to a good book can reveal the limitations of a multifocal lens as many readers find they have to move their head/chin or the reading material to keep the text clear and their eyes in the right place. HT Indoor lenses are a bookworms’ delight in this regard. Wide reading zones in the HT lens range let you get absorbed in that New York Times # Best Seller. All because of the comfort of not having to ‘chase the clear spot’ across the page.

  • Tailored lenses for your eyes only.

There are three different lens designs within the HT Indoor Lens Range.

Each lens design offers something specific, tangible, and unique. This tailored design approach means that there is a lens design out there with YOUR name on it (figuratively speaking, of course).

1—HT Computer

The HT Computer is specifically for the prescription lens wearer who has struggled with multifocals due to the long hours they are set up in front of their PC or Mac. The HT Computer features a generous reading zone at the bottom of the lens that blends promptly to a precise intermediate prescription, making them ideal for those that have struggled with visual tracking from the keyboard to the monitor and back again. If you’ve all but given up on multifocals and have settled for pushing on with a “weak pair of reading glasses” to get by the HT Computer will change your life.

Think; data analysts, streamers, authors, writers, bookworms, researchers, content editors, gamers, translators, and literary agents—if you LOVE words and your glasses don’t keep up, let’s talk about the HT Computer lens, a leading enhanced reading lens design.

2—HT Indoor

What if you are on your digital device/computer as much as the next writer/reader, but you’re on the hop–a different workspace on any given day? You need a lens design that will keep up with your changing workspace. That’s where the HT Indoor takes it up a notch by offering a wider field of view and a deeper middle-distance zone. If you take your office space from your standing layout in the morning to your seated setup for the Zoom meetings in the afternoon, the HT Indoor is your new BFF.

Think; music producers, travel agents, banking, customer service, computer engineers, service desk analysts—if your job could take you from your solo stuff to your team-building activities in one day, you need a vocational lens design that will keep up. That’s the HT Indoor.

3—HT Indoor Plus

Taking the principles of the HT Indoor and plussing it up! What does that do?

Even with all of this screen-time going on, there are still ALOT of hardworking people out there that are moving from one room to the next, one end of the office floor to the other. If you’re maxing out the screen time AND getting in those 10K step-count days, you need the HT Indoor Plus. The beauty of this lens design is that you get as close to multifocal glasses as possible (for visual flexibility) without sacrificing the aforementioned reading and intermediate zones. An “extended middle-distance vision” zone at the top of the prescription glasses (for the HT Indoor Plus) enables you to move about an area freely.

Think of distances or spaces such as a classroom, an open-plan office, or a library. If you need to jump up and grab a coffee (or track down a colleague at the other end of the office) before you sink back into the world of your dual monitors, you get up and go with the HT Indoor Plus. Before you know it, you’re back working on that thesis before you can say, “small-double-shot-mocha-on-soy!”

Think; librarians, nurses, school teachers, lecturers, customer service roles, TV hosts—anyone who could be in and out of their seat at any moment, if not for the reams of info spewing out of their PC screens!

As you can see, the world of digital devices becomes a lot easier with a lens design tailored around your occupation (or past-time) with clarity for those concentrated tasks. A lens design from the HT Indoor range offers visual stability and comfort and assists in maximising your workplace efficiency.

Don’t struggle any longer. Visit The Optical Superstore to explore the versatility of HT Indoor Lenses and experience the remarkable improvement in indoor vision. Why not book an eye test online or call your nearest Optical Superstore today?


If you already have a current prescription on hand, we can use that information and design your next best-ever pair of prescription glasses for the workplace. Get in touch; your eyes will thank you for it!