A Day for the Dads: Celebrate with The Optical Superstore this September

Mark your calendars; Father’s Day is September 3rd, and we’ve got just the present for him…

Every Sunday is special, but the first Sunday of September even more so as we take a moment to show our appreciation to all the dads who have given us every bit of care and support and motivation we could need. It’s hard to summarise everything they do for us, but we all have those special memories of the times they’ve been there to pick us up after disappointment, or encourage us to try something new, or just listen to us vent about our day. Twenty-four hours of acknowledgement is barely enough, but we can all strive to make it as memorable as possible.

The Optical Superstore Wants to Help

Although a keyring bottle opener, funny mug or blinding headtorch are great gifts most of the time, how about a Father’s Day present he can use every day? Something that shows you care both for his style and his safety. 

A new pair of polarised sunglasses won’t only look cool, but they’ll also provide essential UV protection when he’s out and about, enjoying his special weekend. Or perhaps his ideal weekend includes some form of backyard construction projects. A new pair of prescription safety glasses are the most important piece of equipment a handyman could need; keeping your dad safe while he embarks on all the ambitious projects he desires.

The best present is one which combines function and fun, showing dad you’ve put some genuine thought into how to celebrate his day—here’s THREE kinds designs of glasses to consider for your thoughtful Father’s Day Gift.

Polarised Sunglasses

Father’s Day is only one day of the year, but a new pair of polarised sunglasses can be worn every day of the year. 

Polarised sunglasses aren’t only a trendy accessory to wear, but also perform an important role in helping keep dad’s eye safe from harmful UV rays. Polarised lenses are optical filters created specifically to combat intense glare, meaning less eye strain and more visual contrast. Anyone spending time outdoors is best to do so with polarised sunglasses, but especially if dad enjoys sports such as boating and fishing, where light reflects harshly off the water.

At The Optical Superstore, we have a wide range of polarised sunglasses which can be bought for dad right off the shelf, no prescription needed (though we have sunnies for prescriptions too!). Whether he enjoys a long walk, a run, a drive—or maybe a game of cricket, football, or golf—a new pair of polarised sunglasses are sure to cut down on distracting glare and make his day a whole lot more enjoyable. Unsure where to start? Check out some trusty favourites, in-store, including brands like Dirty Dog, Ray Ban, and Bill Bass.

Wrap-Around Sunglasses

If he’s looking for something trendy but functional, perhaps wrap-around sunglasses are the way to go. This style of sunglasses has a curved shape, hugging the head for a more comfortable fit, making it less likely to slip off the face and therefore very popular for those who enjoy activities such as running and cycling.

Adding to this a wider field of vision, excellent sun protection – preventing UV rays from sneaking in from the sides of the frame – with a sleek, streamlined look, and wrap-around sunnies are quite the Father’s Day jackpot. 

Wrap-around sunglasses are a Father’s Day gift with care in mind, keeping dad’s eyes safe while he does the things he loves most. Plus, every dad wants a cool pair of sunnies to show off during his next barbeque or camping trip. Keep an eye out for brands such as FILA and Ugly Fish during your next visit to The Optical Superstore for your choice of wrap-around sunglasses.

Prescription Safety Glasses

We all know that dads can sometimes act a little invincible, willing to take their chances when it comes to health and safety. But vision safety is not something to be taken lightly. Accidents resulting in blunt force trauma, chemical burns, and corneal abrasions can be detrimental to eye health. 

If your dad works in fields such as construction, health care, agriculture or mining, he might already use safety glasses as mandated for hazardous occupations. However, they can be just as necessary around the house. Blunt force trauma can occur during activities such as home improvement and sports; squash, BMX riding, and more. Foreign objects can also lodge themselves in the eye, causing scratches and/or irritation. This can transpire as a result of gardening, sanding, and other household tasks and hobbies. Meanwhile, chemical exposure might happen as easily as rubbing an eye after administering pesticides or pool chemicals or getting a splash of cleaning product in the face—all easy enough accidents to occur on a normal day at home. 

Everyday glasses are great, but when it comes to protection, prescription safety glasses are created specifically from strong materials, tough against hazards, making them the better choice every time. They also protect more than just the front of your eye, with guards to your peripherals for increased security. Wearing regular prescription glasses beneath safety glasses can interfere with the fit, making them awkward to wear, and even hindering the seal of the safety glasses against the face in some circumstances.

Getting prescription lenses fitted within dad’s safety glasses means he won’t have to worry about uncomfortable slipping frames and can simultaneously keep his favourite pair of regular specs free from potential damage like scratches and cracks.

This gift might come as less of a surprise; you’ll have to make sure dad’s prescription is up to date before gifting him his new pair of safety glasses, but it sure beats another bulky power tool to stash at the back of the shed. So, if dad likes his hands-on hobbies—perhaps landscaping or DIY renovations—prescription safety glasses are the best piece of equipment for the job. 

Celebrate with Safety and Style

Whether it’s a new pair of sunnies, ready for the next tropical family getaway, wrap-around sunglasses for his next fishing trip with mates, or some prescription safety glasses to enhance his household hobbies, The Optical Superstore is here to help you make this Father’s Day one to remember.

We can see everything they do for us, let them see how much we appreciate them through a new pair of Optical Superstore sunglasses.

Book an eye test or visit us in-store today to find the best fit for your dad.