What is colour blindness?

A reduced ability to distinguish between certain colours usually red and green and less often blue and yellow but may be total colour blindness.

Why is it important to diagnose colour blindness?

Performance of some everyday activities is impacted by colour blindness like colour coordination of clothing or selecting food, knowing if it is ripe or unripe or knowing if meat is cooked or undercooked. Importantly some safety signs use colour to warn of danger. Additionally, road traffic lights use colour to indicate when to stop, when to slow down and when to go. In the technological world we live in today other things like interpreting line graphs distinguished by different colours may be difficult depending on the type of colour blindness and the colours being used.

How do I know if I am colour blind?

A person with colour blindness may have difficulty distinguishing everyday items which may look like shades of grey. The degree of colour deficiency
may vary from person to person.

How is a colour blind test conducted?

Optometrists use specially prepared coloured pages which have numbers detectable with good colour vision but not easily detected by people with colour blindness. Additionally, optometrists are able to determine the type of colour blindness and the severity by conducting a colour blind test.

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What is the treatment for colour blindness?

There is no cure for inherited colour blindness. However, if the colour blindness is caused by another health condition treating the undying health condition can improve the colourblindness.

Does colour blindness effect the health of my eye?

Colour blindness does not adversely effect the health of eyes, however, the health of your eyes may effect your colour vision.

Is colour blindness hereditary?

Colour blindness is hereditary and occurs more frequently in men than women. It is carried on the X chromosome.

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