Let's Talk Local | Five Reasons Optical Superstore Loves Being Australian-owned and Operated

Optical Superstore is proud of the fact that they remain a wholly Australian-owned and operated business in the Retail | Optical space.

What Does it Mean to Be An Australian-Owned Business?

It’s all about keeping it local. Being Australian-owned and operated means that all day-to-day operations and business activity occur within Australia. From the hard-working teams at each level of management to the front-of-house staff you meet in any Optical Superstore location, everyone is working towards providing the highest level of vision care for Australian families.


There are many benefits to being a wholly Australian-owned and operated business, both for our customers and the Australian economy.

Here Are Five Reasons Optical Superstore Loves Keeping it Local!

(1) Vision Care For Australians: First and foremost, by keeping all of their operations within Australia, they can provide their customers with high-quality products and services tailored to the Australian market’s unique needs. Independently operating optometrists work onsite, trained to understand the specific eye care needs of Australians. Optometrists qualified in Australia meet some of the highest skilled requirements globally.

(2) Optical Appliances That Meet Australian Needs: Optical Superstore aims to deliver prescription glasses that stand up to the Australian climate. That’s whether your purchase is for that outdoor life: sun, surf and sand, or work at home or on the road. The Optical Superstore family strongly believe that Prescription glasses must be as tailored to your conditions as our Aussie lifestyles require.

(3) Keeping Business Management Operations within Australia: The opportunities to create jobs and boost the economy are intrinsic to the way Optical Superstore does business in Australia. There is something to be said for playing a role in the bigger picture as far as the economy goes (both locally and nationally). So, Optical Superstore is proud to employ local staff and do a little bit to help stimulate the Australian economy.

When you support Optical Superstore, it has a far-reaching effect. Couriers, optical staff including optometrists, dispensers, technicians, mechanics, and admin teams — your support positively impacts many others. Optical Superstore also supports local suppliers of wholesale items (cases, lens cloths, spectacle nose pads, and the list goes on), keeping money local.

Not to mention baristas! Of course, every SUPER optical outlet runs on coffee.

(4)The Highest Standards Maintained: Optical Superstores are eager to focus on Australian-based production processes for the manufacturing, fitting, glazing, and quality control elements of prescription eyewear harness the strict quality control standards of the nationally recognised optical standards. As a result, an Optical Superstore customer can trust that all products and items are safe to use and meet all relevant Australian regulations. So whether you’re after non-prescription sunglasses, safety glasses for P.P.E. purposes, the latest in digital multifocals, or something in between, everything is designed and provided to the Australian public with these standards and principles in mind.

(5) Customer Service is Key: Being wholly Australian-owned and operated also allows us to provide exceptional customer service. We get the needs of Australian families because we are locals, too! Our team members are passionate about delivering the best possible service, ensuring customers have a positive experience at every visit.

As a wholly Australian-owned and operated business, Optical Superstore takes great pride in community involvement and supporting local causes and events. We are committed to being active community members and giving back wherever and however needed.

In conclusion, Optical Superstore is proud to be YOUR wholly Australian-owned and operated Optical | Retail business. They value their role in the Australian allied-health services landscape. And when it comes to the unique needs of Aussie families, customer service, and a standard of eye care, you can depend on, Optical Superstore loves keeping it local!