Experience the Art of Italian Fashion with Emilio Pucci's Stunning Spectacle Frames, Now at Optical Superstore

Are you seeking bold and colourful eyewear to keep up with your personality and enhance your unique style?

Look no further than the Italian fashion powerhouse and the Emilio Pucci range available at Optical Superstore.

Own Your Look With 5 Vibrant Styles | Emilio Pucci Spectacle Frame Range now at Optical Superstore

The Italian designer brand recently launched a new range of five spectacle frame styles, each featuring its own signature: bold and vibrant print and tones.

Let’s take a closer look at each frame style on offer and how they can elevate your look.

Emilio Pucci—5014

The first style in the Emilio Pucci range is the model 5014. This frame features a sleek, soft-square shape, flattering for many face shapes—making a statement with striking red, black and white patterns offset smartly against a rich tortoiseshell frame front.

The EP 5014 is perfect for those who want to make a statement while maintaining a funky, casual look.

Emilio Pucci—5016

Not to be outdone by the sophistication of the 5014, we are excited to highlight the 5016—taking the 5014 colour palette and introducing a robust, metal frame front. Think of the EP 5016 model as the sophisticated sibling of the 5014. The metal frame build adds to the temple pattern’s detail by softening the frame front’s presentation.

Flawless for those who want to add a touch of glamour to their look but not sacrifice frame-face fitting and everyday comfort.

Emilio Pucci—5031

The third style is the 5031 model. This frame features a classic cat-eye shape with a bold and playful purple and green print. The 5031 channels a touch of retro-inspired style and is perfect for making a statement, whether at work or play.

The deep cat-eye shape naturally lends itself to everyday lens designs such as multifocal or bifocal lenses. Consider asking about Optical Superstore’s range of Quicktint Plus and Quicktint Extra photochromic lens tones—the new green colour change lens design coupled with the cat-eye 5031 shape will have all your friends green with envy this year!

Emilio Pucci—5033

The fourth style is the 5033 model. It channels naturally contrasting green and purple tones while introducing a dark tortoiseshell front embellishment. This inspired rectangular shape adds a touch of oversized excess.

It is perfect for prescription glasses wearers who could be described as having petite face shapes and want to add a playful and fun element to their eyewear choice. Very bold, very stately!

Emilio Pucci—5036

The fifth style in the Emilio Pucci range is the 5036 model. Here, Emilio Pucci channels the universally pursued “little black dress” of the spectacle frame world.

Featuring a black frame front with geometric embellishment across the temples, with a bold black and white print and just a hint of colour, the EP5036 is perfect for those who want to add a touch of distinctive style to their look but often feel out of their comfort zone when pushing the boundaries of colour, shape, and styling all in one frame choice.

If you want your frames to feel new yet familiar, the 5036 is definitely worth some attention.

Discover Emilio Pucci Spectacle Frames Today

Each of these five styles in the Emilio Pucci range available at Optical Superstore offers something different with bold stylings, colourful accents and on-trend temple designs. Their high-quality materials and unique designs are exactly what discerning glasses wearers in Australia have been waiting for! So, make sure to check out Emilio Pucci today – visit us at Optical Superstore to try them on for yourself and find the perfect pair for your style.

Where is Optical Superstore located so I can check out the Emilio Pucci range?

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We can’t wait to show off the Emilio Pucci range – see you soon!